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Business Subsidiaries

Orion Maxis Inc.(OMI) was incorporated in 2000 in Manila, Philippines. It is engaged in the business of establishing, developing and providing management and logistical infrastructure services, as well as distribution of ceramic tiles.

Key business units under OMI are:

Tile Distribution

OMI is the exclusive sales and marketing arm of Lepanto Tiles. OMI handles Lepanto Ceramics, Inc.’s (LCI) sales operations and marketing support for over 300 active distributors with a combined presence of over 800 outlets scattered nationwide.  It also sets the pace for new product development, customer service, advertising and promotions for LCI. 

Lepanto Tiles

LCI was established in 1990 and has become a top manufacturer of ceramic floor and wall tiles for residential, commercial and industrial projects in the country, carrying the brand Lepanto Tiles.

A wide array of ceramic floor and wall tiles in various sizes and colors is available in the market today. Distribution outlets cover primary, secondary and tertiary cities nationwide, including major DIY stores.

Land Title Services

OMI provides a full spectrum of land titling management services from relocation survey to issuance of title, to the registration of ownership.

OMI’s expertise spans all aspects of land title management such as registration and transfer of title, consolidation and subdivision of title, reconstitution of lost title, trace back of ownership/due diligence, amendment of technical description, title and tax declaration verification and land surveys.

OMI handles and addresses various types of land titling cases, from the most basic to exceptionally complex circumstances.

Rewards Management

OMI is also engaged in establishing, developing, operating, and providing management and logistical services and technical support through its market incentive system solutions and rewards management service.

Contact Information:

OMI Projects Team
Tel. No.: (632) 884-1106 loc. 869/543
Look for Ms. Ann Recinto or Ms. Rhona Mondez

OMI Land Title Services
Tel. No.: (632) 884-1106 loc. 556/525
Look for Mr. Hardy Lipana or Ms. Rose Cruz 


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